The Frank Roberts Fund

We encourage all young Aboriginal children to follow their dreams ... remember what you have been taught from your Elders will help guide you through life.

The Frank Roberts Scholarship Fund has been set up to support and encourage young Aboriginal students to further advance their journey through their chosen sport and education pathway.

Keep Frank's Dream Alive for the future generations !

Fund Sponsors

The Frank Roberts Fund is grateful for the generosity of its sponsors and their ongoing support as we work together toward achieving the goals of the Fund and its members.

About Us

Indigenous School Principal, Dianne Roberts, who was the founder of Minimbah Aboriginal School Armidale, has worked as a guide and mentor to Indigenous youth for over 37 years. Dianne has been a consultant to many organisation in the past and has established a sound network of supporters.
Dianne’s programs and those of her two sisters, the late Grace Close (State Co Ordinator of Aboriginal Health Promotions NSW Dept Health 1990's) and the late Pat Dixon (former Depty Mayor of Armidale City Council and member of the Australian Local Government Association) have underpinned most of the projects undertaken for Indigenous communities since the 1990s.

Both Dianne & Frank's role has been to work with Aboriginal people and develop programs that empower communities to become successful, self-directing and autonomous.


The Frank Roberts Fund History

Known as 'Honest' Frank Roberts by the UNE boxing club, Frank started boxing at the age of 19 years. He started in the Light Welter Weight Division in 1963.
Frank went up a weight in 1964 and won the NSW title, he went on to win Australian title which saw him chosen for the Olympic Squad to go to Tokyo.

Frank's Advice to the next up and coming sport stars of the future :
Have respect of your elders and people around you. Learn from and work with others around you. Train and work hard towards your goals. Never give up and always
do your best.

Proud Moments in his life :
Representing Australia at the Olympic Game in Tokyo 1964.
Carrying the Olympic Torch in Armidale.

The Frank Roberts Fund Team Profile

Dianne Roberts:
Former Principal of Minimbah School Armidale
Dorothy Roberts: